A company EAST-WEST FINANCES LLC was established in 2007 for the activity and trade of non- ferrous and ferrous metals. In 2012, a decision was made to become a manufacturing company. The company assessed the company’s prospects and opportunities for development and took into account their gained experiences. It was then decided by management, to restructure the company and establish a factory, in Latvia, for the production of lead ingots. The main raw material would be used in lead-acid batteries. The project attracted investors from Latvia and Estonia, due to the many years of experience in the Metalworking Industry.

The company’s planned economic activities coincided with the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry, “National Waste Management Plan for 2013 – 2020.” By recycling the used batteries, the waste would not be hazardous and would present a low risk to the environment and human health. A plan was put into place for rational use of the waste as a resource and would also reduce the volume of disposed waste.

The Mission of the company is to produce lead ingots, while disposing all existing waste lead accumulations in Latvia in a safe way for human health and the environment.

The Vision of the company is to manufacture an environmental and human health friendly lead ingot.

The Goal of the company is to create a lead ingot production plan that met all the environmental requirements and stands and to acquire the necessary equipment and facilities.

The company’s positioned itself as a “green company” and is responsible for maintaining and improving the environment. All activities are implemented in coordination with competent agencies, taking into consideration the Legislation of the Republic of Latvia, the regulation of the European Union and other regulatory laws.

The company’s activities included the Best Available Technology (BAT) that is environmentally and human friendly. The major project’s financial investments are allocated directly to ecological needs.

Used battery recycling

Used battery recycling, refined lead and lead alloys production.